#Good Morning from the Lakeside Deck, #Lake Ann, #Nature, #Winter, Joy, Loving Spirit, Ozarks

Good morning from the lakeside deck ~

Grateful for This day ~

How do I even begin to describe this morning’s soft light and cold settling air?

My morning write ~ it is . . . . . .

light filtering softly

bounded by oak & hickory trees

chasing grey haze and mist rising

carrying the mighty earth upwards

the loft of cold air smelling like

freshly cooked apples and honey jam

with underneath tones of hot butter sizzles

Now, how do I hold on to this moment? … to carry it with me throughout my day and to remind me of the mighty love I know I too carry inside me each day!

#Summer, Childhood, Poetry


Just exploded into
Hot humid afternoons
Spent wet with summer haze
Drenched in perspirations
With only mornings offering respite

Come lie with me
Underneath a gentle Willow Tree
Let’s take a summertime nap
Looking up at the summer sky
Where clouds go by as
Fairy Ships, Wooden Horses and Kings
Such a day is easy

Or settle down indoors
Making summer pilates
On the living room floor
Rolled up in grandmothers’s
Brightly colored cotton quilts
Right in front of the window frame
Misty air coming from our
Water Box Cooler
Oh, my childhood ways implore