Written for NWCU Wednesday's Wake-Up Call

Elemental Path

Earth, Wind, Fire & Water
Written for NWCU Wednesday’s
Wake-Up Call
This earth
This earth
Make my home
Gather our harvest
This mighty earth
This wind
This wind
Strengthen my spirit
Expect many changes
This mighty wind
This fire
This fire
Lay down my ashes
Celebrate our rebirth
This mighty fire
This water
This water
Quench my thirst
Cherish our living
This mighty water
Written for NWCU Wednesday's Wake-Up Call

Two Suns

Open Door
Galaxies Abound

First morning of my new autumn
I sit with 2 suns
One in my blue sky
The other upon my open door
Reflections dance around me
Each side of me warmed by
The sheer presence of
Sunlight yellows
And morning golds.
I sit amazed by my simplistic reality
Accomplished with delightful serendipity
All through a morning door
Left opened.
I experience fully . . .
Seeing, feeling and believing
That yes, indeed,
Like magic
Two different suns in the sky
Both at the same time
One on my left
Another on my right
Without ever having to leave this earth
I visit a new galaxy!