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A young nation mourns
While hatred kills again
Evil raises its ugly head
Our unceasing prayers cry out loud

Surrounded by heavy hearts
We ask God for His strength
His unwavering love
For those who died and their families

Our souls openly weep
In the streets
Of every town
We stand side-by-side
Held by
His tender mercy and grace

Today ~
Now at this moment
And in this time
We stand
Against all evil

Let the power of prayer
Become our strength,
Our treasure, our healing
God’s embrace

All life matters
We stand
Together hand-and-hand

We hold
Onto mercy and love
God’s assurance

Our cries are heard
And we are never alone!

When no reason can ever explain
These retched days of killing innocents
Where did we go so wrong? . . . .senseless

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#Summer, Poetry, Written for dVersePoets Open Link Night

Swan Lake

photo Swan Lake

White glistening feather stones

Lay upon solid grounds

Nesting underneath a summer willow tree

Whispering of time together

Held by heart edges

I’m skyward bound



Written for #dVerse Poets Pub for The Dog Days of Summer, Open Link Night hosted by Victoria Slotto: ” No prompt to worry about today. No form to comply with. Just wonderful words for you to play with, to enjoy, to arrange as you will. So, “…spread your wings, and take to the sky!”

Written for dVersePoets Open Link Night

I Walk These Hills

I walk upon these Ozark hills
I dream of a long summer day
far from this winter’s cell

I walk among giant chinquapin oaks
I listen for sounds of water falls
and the lone call from a pileated woodpecker

I walk along Lake Ann’s Bear Cove
I see a great blue heron take wing
and a half-submerged red-eared terrapin
slide into the blue-green waters

I watch in awe
a cloudless yellow butterfly’s landing
in sweet thistle and milk weed

I look for apple orchards
roadside fruit stands
and fresh ripe peaches to eat

I stand and watch an eagle glide
upon the sky winds
and see the day moon held in blue

I walk among wishing wells
fireflies and honey combs
I walk upon these Ozark hills

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A Winter’s Song

Written for @dVersePoets #OpenLinkNight

This First Tuesday of February
February 5, 2013

Winter Song – Sara Bareilles/Ingrid Michaelson- Music Video

Light’s sunglow glistening tip tops of winter oaks lay like grey silver hair
Toupee’s streaming down like wild hair of old men roaming the snowy tree line
Shadows climb the hills just beneath open canopies of black night
Oh, a winter’s song calls for me to roam before the months depart!
The only brown found is the dirt from the earth shown momentarily by a passing cloud
Hidden upon this earth except for the mighty blue sky winter’s bare limbs
Sudden dots of green pine ladies surrounded by dancing bare chested men held in a chorus line
Oh, a winter’s song calls for me to roam too soon before the season parts!
Dance cards punched by the day’s waltzing ladies in the sky’s fair-weather clouds
Marsh mellow puffs twirling skirts adorn the sky held candied valentine hearts
Along the blue shorelines framed by a winter sun swept day
Oh, a winter’s song calls for me to roam too soon before spring is even here!

I walk these woods
birch framed blues
through narrow bays
winter lake waters held
between the rains

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A Dream Moving Forward


As President Abraham Lincoln stated in his Gettysburg Address given to the troops at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania that November 19th day in 1863 following our Civil War!
“Government – Of the people, By the people, For the people, Shall not perish from the earth!”

Moving Forward – A Call For Rebuilding The American Dream

by Joan Roberts
With one voice
Moving forward
After ten long years of war
And a near economic collapse
We are moving forward
We have much work to do together –
From the east coast to the west
From New York City to San Francisco
From Lady Liberty to the Arch over the Midwest
From the Great Lakes to the great fields of America
Unemployed workers looking for jobs
Families struggling to make ends meet
No home, no job, no pay, no food stamps
No safety-net left  
Shredded in the name of austerity
We have come too far
To go back now
We are our government
We are the people
We say ‘let’s roll’ get ‘fired up’

A Family Story written by our daughter-n-law, Michelle Boyle, who is a registered nurse and mother of two beautiful daughters, and wonderful wife to our son Lyle Ray Roberts.  Ray is a mathematics high school teacher and their family lives in Pittsburgh, PA.
Simply, Michelle writes a powerful moving and personal story of what matters in this world —

Day 5: I’m thankful for the things that were passed down.

9:13 AM Eastern – Saturday, November 3, 2012                       We are all in this together

MichelleBoyle.jpgA few days ago, I was home with my six and nine year old daughters as Hurricane Sandy’s rain poured on our house. We had a leak in our ceiling, right over my bed. I was trying to move it when the bed broke. This wasn’t just any bed, it was my grandmother’s. She received it as a gift from the family she worked for as a domestic when she got married. It took me years to realize that most of my grandparent’s furniture was from that family, because my grandparents came over from Ireland in the 1920’s, dirt poor.

My sister used to help pull me onto that bed when I was little because it was so high. I would take a running start—jump as high as I could—and she’d grab my arms and pull me the rest of the way up. My husband and I moved that bed into our home when I was pregnant. We have ‘snuggled away’ numerous nightmares of our daughters in that bed. And I just broke it.

A few things occurred to me in that moment, when our beloved, comforting bed broke. I felt deeply worried. We have, at last, been given an opportunity at real health-security. The insurance companies denied children with cancer, healthcare because of ‘pre-existing conditions’. The Affordable Care Act guarantees sick children access to health insurance. When insurance companies denied my mother-in-law an insurance policy because she had a “pre-existing” condition, she died a year later. In 2014, the Affordable Care Act protects American citizens and ensures that insurance companies do their job of actually giving health protection to American families. The insurance companies put a limit on what a human life is worth, despite their skyrocketing profits. The Affordable Care Act took away the “lifetime caps” on Americans. If someone has a relapse of cancer or complication with a chronic condition, she can receive health care without having her family lose their homes to health care bills. Denying sick children health care? Denying American families health protection? Deciding who gets to live and who gets to die based on how it effects the bottom line? These are the things that Romney & Ryan are championing. Not my idea of patriotism.

What helps keep me going is not the bed itself, but what it really means to me. My grandparents worked really hard to provide for their daughter, my mother. She in turn, helped provide for her children the ability to go to college – even though she never could. The bed represents the endurance of love, commitment, and hope that my parents and grandparents passed on. My grandparents cuddled their daughter from nightmares, as my husband and I do for our daughters. I could depend on someone to pull me up when I needed it most. I could rely on my sister’s support to do something I had difficulty doing, and yet very much wanted. Now I watch my own daughters help pull each other up, the very same way.

Recently my youngest, of her own accord, gave me one of the best compliments. She said, “Mommy, I feel safe with you. When I have nightmares you are there for me and I know it will be better.” My eldest saw the shattered look on my face, when the bed broke and said “Momma, you can sleep with me. I always feel better when I’m having a hard time and I sleep with you.”

I realized; that’s it. That’s all there is to it. That’s why I do this election work even though I feel pulled in so many different directions. We want to pass on to our children the love, commitment and hope that our parents and grandparents and great grandparents (my grandmother never saw her mother again once she left….there was no money to visit) had for their family, for us. We want the opportunities to ensure a secure future for our children: the American Dream. In our hardest times, in our most challenging times, we want to know that others are there for us – that we are all in this together.

This is why I work to re-elect President Obama. By his actions, he has demonstrated a deep respect for all Americans to create the American dream. He not only says we are all in this together, he works to protect the legacy of love, commitment and hope that American families carry and pass on to their children.

 The leak will be patched and our bed will be fixed. I ask that you please help re-elect President Obama so all Americans’ dreams continue moving forward.
A Nation’s Strenth
by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Not gold, but only man can make
A people great and strong:
Men who , for truth and honor’s sake,
Stand fast and suffer long.
Brave men who work while others sleep,
Who dare while others fly —
They build a nation’s pillars deep
And lift them to the sky!
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Through the Open Door

 Written for this Second Tuesday of October

#OpenLinkNight @dVersePoets

Through “The Open Door” 
Meridieene’ French Dessert Salon & Cafe
112 South First Street
Rogers, AR
your new one word storyline
reveals a secret
hidden among the roses 
red bleeding from night thorns
your wishes shattered 
where rivers flow against the shores
I dream of you
 regardless of what you say
it’s only a rainy day 
a quiet time in October . . .
aloft in my dreams
where deadly day-fires’ grow
your pulse lingers in the wind 
    will I follow . . .
through the open door
over looked moments unspent
among our restless souls
my true love knows no limits
unless you are free
to be

The Open Door
Darrell Scott’s Music, Scotland
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There’s A Cold Front Moving Thru

You say . . .
. . .there’s a cold front moving through

clouds rush overhead
flashes of silvery light
passing from one tree to the next

one empty blue patch
catches the sun
& throws it down onto earth
for all to see

I say . . .
. . . there’s a cold front moving through

now reflections disappear
as if never there before
I can still see the leftovers
& my only remaining sky

. . . there’s a cold front moving through

Written for dVersePoets Open Link Night

This October Sky

this October sky – OpenLinkNight

 written for this First Tuesday of October

#OpenLinkNight @dVersePoets

“I had discovered that learning something, no matter how  complex, wasn’t hard                                           when I had a reason to want to know it.”― Homer H. HickamRocket Boys

sky winds
as summer wanes
high on a mountain ridge
where the trees meet the sky
i face the sky winds
felt only as i walk out into the woods
along road’s edge
dropping out of sight
i close my eyes
lift my face to the sun
 my heart towards God’s
soothing soul
i look up to the sky
the sky looks down
a cup held
i face the wind
i touch the wind
i refresh my soul
what do I do?
i’m leaving this place
i capture the sun & the sky
i push them down deep into my soul
tangerine sunsets
painting the way starward
above the tree line
out and away
this October sky
held our Harvest Moon setting on top of the sun
collecting a jar full of stars
to light my way
wanting to become
i want to know who i am
who i can be
something different
greater than
cookie-cutter life
seeing my soul
knowing my soul
autumn brings new beginnings
i wait in hope
autumn’s brillance
new promises
i rise in hope
i follow the golden colors
towards a new path
up and over this mountain ridge