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Good morning from the lakeside deck ~


Be still and know, I am here ~
God speaks to us in many ways
One is through the natural rhythms of nature
By being still and listening
By watching the morning sun rise
By feeling the crisp autumn air
By walking along a forested trail
We can feel the gentle flow of life
Tuning ourselves into God speak

#Lake Ann, Autumn, Journal Writing

Good morning from the lakeside deck ~

I have sat here since early morning
Watching for sky changes
From night lights to daylight
Watching way before dawn
Waiting for the sun’s horizon rising

Facing the morning sun
Each sun’s ray fell upon my eyes
I could trace its path in beads
I held out my cupped hands
Holding the ball of light
Spreading its rays directly to me

Autumn light ever so slanted
That it made Lake Ann’s waters
Look like flowing bronze mercury
Riding on top of a heavy breeze
From a cold front passing through

As clouds were parting
And dancing away
I saw the softness of an
Upcoming winter’s sky

I have a sense of unease
With undertones of a long goodbye
I try to refocus on life moments
Replenishing to the present now

One ~



Hoping for a reset ~
Holding onto life
Push and hold ~
An on-light
Glowing green


Everyday is a New Day

It’s a good morning at Lake Ann’s Lakeside Deck.
These beautiful Fall days are one of the very reasons we live in the Ozarks…so thankful I am here today. I hope you have someone to share this day with you, truly no greater gift – GOLD.

Everyday is a New Day!

I awake before the bird sings
Twilight undertones frame my sky
Soft light streams up to me
Grey clouds roll through Lake Ann
Spreading over hills
As fog lifts off the cove

Morning first light
Paints new streaks of hot pink
Along the clouds underside bellies

And then blue sky unfolds
Just as pink fades

All the night colors leave
And green shows back up
For its day shift

I wrap Maude’s quilt
Around my shoulders
Close and warm

Then breathe softly
As I intently listen
For the first bird song

Lake Ann photo


Good morning from the lakeside deck


Early morning ridge
Fog sits on top rising blue
Sun widening its smile

Count mighty blessings
There is a calm standing still
Promise for you today

It’s Hard
I’m so tired . . . bone tired
Close your eyes to see
Scattered squares in white screens
Passing by so quickly
It’s like a blizzard storm

There is simply nothing there
Except noise and movement
Bomb-blasted, inundated
Onslaught, deluge
Overwhelmed, assaulted

Alarming waves of forever troubles
Things to know
Things to do, things to believe in
Things to morn

Close your eyes to see
Listen to your heart
Silence the world

I’m sitting on my doorstep
Living on a stoop
Looking for anything that’s there