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Good morning from the lakeside deck – What is healing?

take time to see

change what you do

take time to plan your days, even if its one simple task

go somewhere, get out of the house at least once a day

walk everyday

play outside, swing

travel to distant places, read a story

read or listen to a favorite book

listen to music that takes your worries away

think of others that are so dear to you

write about your day, your story

write a letter a card to a friend

call or video call your family

talk with a friend

have lunch or breakfast with someone

share a doughnut

hug your dogs, throw a ball

pray and sing

sit in silence and dance

lay in the sunshine

hold a flower

lay down underneath a large oak tree

lay in a hammock

put your feet in the water

go swimming

see a morning sunrise

watch a sunset

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