Spring, Written for NaPoWriMo

National Poetry Month ~day 1 #napowrimo

Good morning from the Lakeside deck ~

I step outside

In a cool morning breeze

I look up

And behind me

I see clear blue skies overhead

I watch in front of me

As low soft gray clouds cover a

Foggy Lake Ann morning

All along the quays

A heavy fog settles in


Canadian geese fly over the cove

I only hear their loud calls

As they touch me through the fog

A hushed circle sun

Traces through the fog

Lifting light upwards

Over Ozark hillsides

It’s brand new

A Spring morning


But still cool from night rain

Lake waters close to shore

Turn a soft pewter grey

Laying perfectly still

As fog moves away

Sitting right on water tops

No shadows found anywhere

Although I can see

Where to walk along the side path

I cannot see the turns

Or direction that I’m going

Faith is like this ~

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