Day 30#
#amwriting #napomo #napowrimo

Saying goodbye to NAPOMO . . .

Poetry can be used as Performance Art for a ACTIVISM to promote a SOCIAL CAUSE!

THIS is How CHANGE happens ~

Producer, Actor & Writer of the Book & Broadway Play, Hamilton ~ Lin-Manuel Miranda

My morning writing ~
I sometimes write to understand myself or to “frame” a moment in-time by slowing down to observe my world around me. This might be seen as observational or descriptive poetry. However, I prefer to consider it meditative poetry ~ being in touch with your self & connecting it to the present moment.

Also I have written on environmental & social concerns, but not as performance art.  I might have to give it a try one of these days.  I find I am always transformed by experiencing art & stories in any form.

Every single day we can find poetry around us if we take time to look & to listen.

On television this week, I loved the surprise of seeing poetry used & reported to bring attention to national political cause. How great is that!

Thank you Lin-Manuel Miranda.